In just a matter of days it will be May! The tulips will be blooming soon (yes, it’s a late spring in Minnesota), the school year will be wrapping up and Celiac Awareness Month begins! May is often a time where it’s easy to get involved, be active or easily spread the word about celiac disease and/or the gluten free diet.

Don’t know where to begin? That’s where The Savvy Celiac comes in. For the entire month of May this website and The Savvy Celiac Facebook and Twitter pages will highlight different ways you can be active or spread the word and support celiac disease.

The Savvy Celiac is looking for any and all ways people can help. Do you run a support group and are in need of some extra hands for an upcoming event? Are you a local co-op in need of volunteers? What about a food shelf that might need some gluten- free items donated?  Or tell us your story about helping the celiac cause. It doesn’t matter where you live; The Savvy Celiac is focusing on this mission to inspire people to get involved and connect them with groups (that have ties to celiac disease or gluten-sensitivities) who need help.

Why help a Celiac Cause?

In my experience, I have found volunteering for celiac causes not just rewarding, it feels like I’ve just had a good workout. It also feels good to give back.

Think back to when you or maybe a family member of yours was first diagnosed. For many people it can be a very difficult time wading through the murky waters of a new celiac diagnosis. It was overwhelming trying to comprehend the disease and be the only one who could heal her – with my food. I wondered will she get better, will the gluten –free diet be really difficult for her to eat (or for me to cook)?

I remember some helpful volunteers  took their time to talk with me at a support group meeting, I was so very grateful. They offered information on their new support group, plus quick tips for cooking and baking and even dining out. Just a few hints was all it took for me to feel like I could handle this (that and a basket filled with donated gluten free products that I won).  Simply put, what they said and did that day made a difference.

What You can Do

If you are in need of help, volunteers, donors and are involved in the celiac/gluten-free community, please take the time to DM me on Twitter or email me.  You should have your website with information on your organization included in your correspondence.  I will do my best to publish any legitimate request  as soon as I can.

If you would like to help an organization by volunteering, donating your time,or just being supportive, please keep your eye on the postings right here at

Take a chance, get activated to help celiac disease– and just as importantly– have fun!



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