People with autoimmune disorders always need to keep an eye out for developing another autoimmune disorder.  Celiac Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Thyroid disease and Addison’s Disease are all autoimmune disorders.  For a child with one autoimmune disorder, another one could be the unwanted tag-along that suddenly becomes a hiccup to your child’s journey to wellness.

A study published Thursday by Reuters, specifically looks at Type-1 diabetes and the risk for other autoimmune disorders.

The Celiac Risk

Nearly 500 children who were newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes were looked at in this study.  It found that at the time of the diabetes diagnosis, 61 of them (or “nearly 1 in 8”) had the antibodies for celiac disease. And approximately 15 were positively diagnosed with celiac as well.

Risk of Other Autoimmune Disorders

For thyroid disease, about 25% of the kids had antibodies for thyroid issues at the time of their diabetes diagnosis.  Ultimately about 1 in 8 (or approximately 15) were also diagnosed with thyroid disease.  Addison’s disease showed up in the antibodies of 5 children (or 1 percent of the total) and one was positively diagnosed.


According to Reuters, the lead researcher Dr. Jennifer M. Barker of the University of Colorado Denver said, “The fact that a third of the kids had signs of other autoimmune diseases means parents and doctors should be on the lookout for the three disorders in diabetic children”.

Dr. Barker says currently “the American Diabetes Association recommends that children with type 1 diabetes be tested for thyroid disease and celiac disease at the time of their diabetes diagnosis”, but there is no guideline for Addison’s Disease.

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