And the autoimmune issue strikes again!  New research shows people with Multiple Sclerosis (an autoimmune disorder) are more likely to have celiac disease (also an autoimmune disorder).

The new research out of Spain and published in BMC Immunology and reported on Medscape* shows that people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and their close relatives have a prevalence of celiac disease 5-10 times higher than the general population.

Researchers put all of their MS /celiac patients on the gluten free diet and saw a difference,

“…all of them improved considerably both with respect to the gastrointestinal and to the neurological symptomatology in the follow-up period,” the report said.

“So the main message that we want to [get out] to doctors who attend MS patients is to perform clinical, serological, genetic, and histologic studies directed to find a possible associated [celiac disease],” Dr. Luis Rodrigo, an author of the study, told Medscape Medical News.

A lot of this connection isn’t surprising. The University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center says 6% of people with Type 1 Diabetes also have celiac disease.  Autoimmune disorders seem to be connected in some way which is what a lot of research is looking into including at the University of Maryland’s Center for Celiac Research.  Hopefully it will lead to more answers soon.

*Source: Medscape You may have to register to see the article, but registration is free.

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2 Responses to “Study: Celiac Disease More Prevalent in Multiple Sclerosis Patients”

  1. Great to see this post. My husband’s, secretary’s husband was diagnosed with MS about 2 1/2 or 3 years ago (has probably had it since he was in his late teens, but testing back then said he didn’t). After his diagnosis he was doing some reading on things he could do to alleviate his symptoms, etc. and found several articles that suggested a GF diet. He has been GF for about 2 years and his symptoms have subsided greatly. Great to see what GF can do!

  2. Thanks for you comment Michele. Yours is an example of how gluten-free diets can really help people like the one you mentioned! That is awesome!

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