New Gluten Freely website

General Mills' New Gluten Freely website

General Mills launched its updated version of and now it’s  The goal for General Mills was to create one website with many different resources for gluten-free and celiac awareness.

This was one part of our General Mills blogger’s summit last November.  Besides giving them feedback about the gluten free world they wanted our input on a new concept they had for their gluten free website.  They asked us to keep it to ourselves until the big reveal March 1st.

The first big change:  The name:  Instead of Live Gluten Freely it is now just Gluten Freely.  As of the writing of this post on Tuesday night, the old URL was getting an error and not redirecting to the new site.  I have been told that will change on Wednesday.

Other changes:

They have added a store, additional resources for gluten  free and celiac information, and a more developed selection of recipes (from what I saw a few months ago).

With the store, you can now purchase items (not all of them are General Mills products) that you may have trouble finding elsewhere– which is ideal for rural locales.  However I mentioned to General Mills when I peeked at the developing site last month I thought their prices were high.  I did notice some “instant” coupons have been added since then. $6.15 (after a 20% instant coupon) for Udi’s Cinnamon Rolls isn’t so bad.  Plus right now it appears they have FREE SHIPPING!

Now’s the time to take a quick peek and see what’s new!  Thanks General Mills for being a mainstream leader in Gluten Free living.

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2 Responses to “Improved “Gluten Freely” Solidifies General Mills in the Gluten Free Market”

  1. Thanks for finding this resource. Wow – they’ve got a ton of recipes and gf products that you can buy online. My Mom made the Impossibly Easy Coconut Pie over the weekend and it was very tasty.

    You are so right that it really helps having a “mainstream” company producing gf products.

  2. Hi Dave,

    You have a good mom!! My daughter has just been diagnosed with celiac disease. She must eat only gluten free products. I have been reading and reading about it all. If your mom wants some good sites, just let me know.


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