Anyone miss just the idea of stopping by your favorite sports bar/grill for a burger and fries?  Well Mad Jack’s Sports Cafe in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota (near White Bear Lake) now has it.  And it is worth you checking out!

I recently talked with General Manager and Executive Chef Tyler Jandrey and looked over his menu (no I haven’t gotten there yet, I just wanted to get the info out to you as soon as I could), but it really looks like he’s onto something here — with a menu that will satisfy every taste.  The Mad Jack’s Gluten-Free Menu is unlike the “stripped down” menus I’ve talked about in the past.  In fact, it appears to be the opposite.  A stripped down menu would say a gluten–free eater can’t have the breaded fish.  Jandrey has a dedicated fryer and decided to use potato flakes as his breading for gluten-free fish options: Tilapia and Walleye.

Did I say dedicated fryer?  Yes I did!  So you can have breaded/deep fried fish, french fries, potato chips, and corn chips.

So how did this all start? Jandrey says it began with people asking if the fries were gluten free. “I had a gluten-free fryer, we started with doing gluten-free french fries — and added more gluten-free items from there.”  Jandrey did all the research and says they have dedicated cutting boards and use clean utensils for all gluten-free orders.  The service and kitchen staff have been educated, but if you have any additional questions, you can always go to him.

This menu is now three months old. Jandrey says there have been some additions that aren’t on the menu, but clearly the word is getting out.  Jandrey says he has 3-10 tables a day who order from the gluten-free menu! I hope to take our family there soon and I’ll bring you the review.

* One note:  Only the Vadnais Heights location has the gluten-free menu right now. The Brooklyn Park location does not yet.  So if you’re deciding to go, make sure you pick the right location.

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One Response to “Mad Jack’s New Gluten-Free Menu; Robust Selection of Sports Bar/Grill Fare”

  1. I had a great experience my first time at mjs, sausage and green olive pizza, but the second time i went there (12-2) i ordered the gf nachos and made sure the waitress knew i wanted it off the gluten free menu, and even asked if she was sure it would be gf. She answered that “we do our best”. Anyways ive been sicker than a dog since. I dont want to cry wolf because every review of their gf menu has been positive but has anyone had a similar experience?

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