The time has come for us all to hang out with our friends and family and enjoy the holiday season. We hope you are doing the best you can to enjoy your holiday.

I’m blogging and it’s nearly midnight– just minutes away from Christmas.  We’re awaiting Santa’s arrival and remarking at what a great experience we’ve had with our gluten-free holiday meals this year.  We have already crammed in two meals filled with 100% flavor and 0% gluten!  Ham, cheesy hash browns, turkey, wild rice stuffing, corn bread, pie and more. Christmas day will be a fabulous brunch with egg bakes galore!  The holidays are all about the food, whether you like it  or not.  Even with the the gifts! We got my brother and dad the new Snyders of Hanover gluten-free pretzels!  We haven’t tried them before and have not seen them around Minnesota too much, so when I did see them at the store recently and I snapped them up!  I hope they’re good!

If anyone thinks we’re missing out because we’re gluten-free (more than 1/4 gluten-free to be exact on my side of the family), they just needed to sit down at our table.  As one lunch guest put it this afternoon, you’d never know this was gluten-free.  — It’s true– never. If you’re new to the diet, trust me that it will all come together soon and you’ll eventually feel the same way.  If you’re a veteran to the diet, you probably know what I am talking about.

Either way, whether you’ve just celebrated Hanukkah, are celebrating  Christmas right now or planning to honor another holiday tradition, we at The Savvy Celiac hope your holiday is fabulous — and of course fabulously gluten free!

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