How will you honor Celiac Awareness Day?

by | G+ Amy Leger

Today is it — the first-ever National Celiac Disease Awareness Day.  The US Senate recently passed a resolution declaring September 13th a day that,  “recognizes that all people of the United States should become more informed and aware of celiac disease”.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness explained how the resolution was in honor of “the doctor who identified a link between celiac disease and diet. Dr. Samuel Gee, a leader in celiac disease research, was born on Sept. 13, 1839.”  Very cool!

The resolution goes on to request that…

“the people of the United States to observe National Celiac Disease Awareness Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities…”

Here’s what I declare that I will do:

  • I’ll go to a restaurant today and order gluten-free food to support their gluten-free menu.
  • All my Facebook and Twitter status updates will be celiac-related.
  • I’ll bake  special gluten-free recipe for my gluten-free daughter tonight for dinner?

What will you do?  Ask a restaurant if they carry gluten-free items or have a gluten-free menu?  Talk to a manager at the local grocery store about getting your favorite gluten-free product? Finally get your blood test done for celiac disease– or convince someone else to do the same?  Today’s the day!  Make a difference!

2 Responses to “How will you honor Celiac Awareness Day?”

  1. Great post, tagged you in my blogpost here:

    🙂 Crystal

  2. I sent out an informative e-mail to staff and to my e-mail friends. I took info from the U of Chicago Celiac website (the fact sheets). I talked to my students at Celiac disease and posted a link on Facebook to the same web pages as mentioned above. I hope what I did opens a few eyes and maybe helps someone realize they should get tested.

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