New Discovery: Gluten-Free Store Brands

by | G+ Amy Leger
Cub GF Cereal

Cub GF Cereal

It’s not often we can celebrate having gluten-free store brands available to us.  But I’ve got to fill you in on two store-brand finds that will save you money!

Gluten-Free Cub Foods Cereal

I was doing a short shopping trip to Cub Foods (a grocery store in the Midwest) and the Cub Foods Brand “Rice Chex” cereal says it’s gluten free!  No kidding.

GF Cub Cereal

GF Cub Cereal

The part that actually grabbed my attention was the little emblem down in the corner.

How about that?  My guess is this product must be made by General Mills and just sold under a generic name.  Because the only other “Crunchy Rice Squares” that I’ve seen that were gluten free were Health Valley Rice Crunch ‘Ems.  And this was years ago– and they were expensive.

In Blaine the price was $2.69 for the Cub Crunchy Rice Squares and $3.09 for General Mills Rice Chex.

Gluten-Free Walgreens Children’s Ibuprofen

Walgreen Gluten-Free OTC Medicine

Walgreen Gluten-Free OTC Medicine

Where have you been all my life?  For over a decade I have had to avoid generic medicine for Emma because no one would confirm whether it was gluten free– unless you made a phone call. Well as we parents know, when does our child need medicine?  When you run and get it for them on the weekend or approximately 5:01 p.m. during the week when all offices are closed and your child has suddenly spiked at 102 fever.

Walgreens GF Label

Walgreens GF Label

Just the other day we needed ibuprofen for one of the kids when they had a fever.  I always had purchased Motrin because it was confirmed gluten-free, but my hubby went shopping and came back with the generic Walgreens brand.  I figured he had no idea what he was getting, so I mentioned that I don’t usually buy Walgreens brand medicine because I want some for our celiac daughter too.  He turned over the packaging and showed me the words “gluten free” on the side.  Wow!  I was so pleased!  I don’t know about the status of other Walgreens products but you absolutely should start investigating the next time you’re in the store.

Have fun saving some money by using store-brands!

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2 Responses to “New Discovery: Gluten-Free Store Brands”

  1. Did you all know that Monday September 13th is National Celiac Awareness Day? I pasted the blurb I found on the internet. Use this day to educate others!
    September 13 United States Senate Resolution
    Each Year Since 2006
    September 13 is the date of Samuel Gee

  2. I know you use Rice squares but corn sqaures are good too and Corn Chex makes very yummy gluten free flavors. 🙂

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