Just yesterday I published a post on my blog about how my daughter had her “best celiac day ever”.  Those were her exact words.  What I found in the day that followed is that people seem to have at least one story about their best, happiest moments when it comes to celiac disease. It may have been a time when you finally accepted the diagnosis, or a food your found, or the moment you found out you weren’t alone.  There are so many possibilities.  Why not celebrate that!  So think back and share your stories.

As a mom of a girl with celiac disease, I’ve had a few…

I’ll share a quick one:  I think I had a great celiac day when I found out that our school district (Anoka Hennepin) put together a gluten-free menu to use district-wide.  That felt like such a victory after having been frustrated for so long.  Now my daughter eats at school at least three days a week (and if she liked salads better it would be 5 days a week).

Okay here’s another one:  I remember this moment, 7 days into the gluten-free diet and seeing my little girl standing near our hallway looking at me and smiling.  She had been so sick, suddenly she was so happy and vibrant.  “This was it,” I thought to myself.  “She’s a new kid and I know this diet — no matter how challenging — is what she needs”.

I put together a quick survey so you can share your best celiac day or moment ever.

Tell your celiac story now

There are only three questions and you really only have to answer the first one.  I will compile the answers and share the stories.  Thank you in advance for your participation and allowing me to publish your stories.  If you want me to credit you for your story, please include your name.  Otherwise they’ll be anonymous.

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One Response to “Your Stories: What’s Your Best Celiac Moment?”

  1. glutenfreedramamom
    April 13th, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    We’ve had a few best Celiac moments. A recent one was when she went to a sleepover with a friend and the mom made gluten-free pancakes for everyone in the morning. She just “got it” and it is so nice to know I don’t have to worry about it when she hangs out with that friend. She even designed a special menu item for my daughter at her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah dinner.

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