During a recent stop at a local Barnes and Noble with the kids I thought I’d check out the health and diet sections to see what books they have on celiac disease and gluten free diets.  I didn’t really need a reference book on celiac or the diet, but I was willing to splurge if I found a new book.  Boy..what a disappointment.

The Setup

On Thursday, the girls and I were out running errands. The girls had two gift cards to Barnes and Noble they wanted to use.  So we stopped by.  I’ll admit, I am not the hugest reader, but get me a book on celiac, I’ll usually read it cover to cover in no time.  So the kids took off to the children’s section and I went to the Health Section and then the Diet section which are paired very close to each other.

Splurging on a Celiac Book

I came in more with the idea of impulse buying — I know its not a good strategy for my finances, but I’m sure bookstores LOVE people who do this.  So there I was staring at the shelves of books — so many health books on cancer, Alzheimer’s and general health.  How many books did I find on celiac disease?  A whopping 2.  And I’m not talking about two books with several copies behind the ones staring at you.  There were literally two books available, one copy of “Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic” by Dr. Peter Green and one copy of “Gluten-Free for Dummies” by Danna Korn.

These are two good reference books.  In fact I have been considering getting Dr. Green’s book for some time.  So I swiped it off the shelf — leaving a blank space behind.  By the time I got over to the diet section — there was NOTHING! Not one book about the gluten-free diet.

Since then I’ve been thinking about that one person who might go to that specific store and not be able to find the book they need NOW — to help them.  (Sigh)

Amy’s “fantasia” About  Finding Celiac/Gluten-Free Books at the Store

In Amy’s La-La land, when I go to a book store I should have a handful to choose from at least. I certainly had my choice of weight-loss, low carb books from which to pick.  Isn’t the gluten-free diet supposed to be a trend?   How could there not be even one Bette Hagman book or Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s book?

If I look at it from a book store’s perspective — How can it be all things to all people?  It probably can’t.  But the internet sure can. So my guess is if I want a selection I have to go online.  But overall it just felt so disappointing.

Maybe I’m overdramatizing…but in that moment of only finding two — yet knowing there are 100+ fabulous celiac, gluten-free or recipe books out there — it was just disheartening. (sigh).

Note: I am enjoying Dr. Green’s “Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic”.   So far, I recommend it!

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