Udi’s Gluten-Free Foods has a few items I’ve been able to try in the last month.  The company sent me some of their products to try. Emma has been going through a pizza transformation so we put that to the test, plus we tried the Lemon Streusel Muffins.

Pre-cooked Udi's Pizza Crust

Udi’s Pizza Crust Before

Udi’s Pizza Crust

The crusts come in a two pack and they’re about 7- 8 inches in diameter and serve two (according to the label). The crusts were easy enough, just put your toppings on and bake.  For Emma, however, her “love” for pizza  really hasn’t  quite been embraced as quickly as one would think.  We have recently deduced that what she appears to not like is the tomato sauce.  So lately we’ve been eating at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza near our house and we  have basically ordered pizza crust and cheese.

Pizza After

Pizza After

And that’s how I made her pizza with Udi’s crust.   I put a touch of olive oil on the crust and then put a combination of mozzarella and Marble Jack mix of cheeses on top. Emma LOVED IT!   She ended up eating nearly the whole thing — minus the slice she gave me to try.  I thought the crust was very tasty.  According to their website, the crusts are $5.00 (less if you buy 8 packages at a time).  It is probably most worth it to buy the 8-pack. Shipping costs have gone up these days and these items need to be shipped quickly in order to maintain their freshness.  Estimates on that are about $10 for 2-day Fed Ex for one package or just under $14.00 for the 8 packages.

Lemon Streusel Muffin

These muffins are similar in size to the giant blueberry muffins I tried back in December.  They are the approximate size of the “mammoth” muffins you find at nice bakeries.  These muffins have the consistency and leavening of a regular muffin as well, which I’m still impressed with.

This muffin is good for someone who likes plain things. I was fine with it, but I thought there would be more of a lemony kick to it.  I thought that it was missing a little “zip”.  It reminded me of a plain muffin mix (if you didn’t add the add-ins like blueberries, etc).

Would I buy these? Yes, if Emma needed something like this  for a road trip or a weekend trip to a friend’s cabin. Emma didn’t like the blueberries in the blueberry muffins, so the Lemon muffins would be perfect for her. Emma did  try them and thought they were fine, but she hasn’t been asking to have another one.

If you bought this product online they are $6.00 on the Udi’s website. But the two-day shipping for a 4-pack of muffins is just over $10.00.  If you purchased six packages of the 4-packs (which already saves you over a buck)  shipping would be just $15.00.  Again, if you’re shopping online, you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck  if you buy in bulk.



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