I was recently at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport enroute from Minneapolis to San Diego for a conference. My flight was delayed by about an hour so I started searching around for lunch – knowing full well the snacks on my 3+ hour flight wouldn’t suffice.

I saw a sign directing me to the French Meadow Bakery Café in the “F Concourse” at MSP and I was so excited! French Meadow has a wonderful selection of gluten-free brownies, cookies and breads. While I am not the gluten-free person in my house, my daughter is. And since I have a major interest in all things gluten-free, I HAD to walk down there to find out what goodies the café had in store for people who live the gluten-free lifestyle.

Once I arrived, I searched and I searched…salads, sandwich wraps, and tons of regular baked goods—but alas, I didn’t see any of their gluten-free selections. Hmmm.. I thought. I better just check with the staff members. The first person did a double take, not understanding my question and then sending me to someone who appeared to be a manager. He said no, they didn’t carry any of their gluten-free items.

Ugh! What a disappointment. There must be a good number of gluten-free people who pass through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on a daily basis, you’d have to think they might be able to sell some items? And if you let the celiac community know via Twitter and Facebook, word might get around. You already use the airport’s website to promote your menu including your vegan and organic choices– why not throw gluten-free into the mix?

Please French Meadow, you have wonderful gluten-free foods! Don’t make us always go to McDonalds and Chili’s for a meal when we’re at the airport! Axel’s Bonfire is there too, but I did not see their gluten-free menu on their airport page either. French Meadow, please consider adding a few of your gluten-free items to your freezer at MSP (and other airports if possible) at least they would be accessible if anyone asks for them.

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3 Responses to “My Gluten-Free Plea to French Meadow Bakery at the Airport”

  1. I agree!!!! I always wondered why I can get their GF goodies at restaurants in NJ/NY but not here in MN (and especially at the airport)! I need to write them a comment on their site too – HUGE marketing opportunity for them!!!!

  2. Still no luck as of April 2011. 🙁 Definitely a bummer, had to make do with a gluten-free granola bar from Starbucks. Snooze.

    It’s a gluten-world, I’m afraid.



  3. I know Ben! So frustrating! I don’t understand it. They make the food, why not have a stash available at the airport?
    Last November during our blogger event at General Mills, GM workers thought they were being helpful by telling us there was a French Meadow Bakery in the Airport. I corrected him and said yes there is, but don’t expect anything gluten free.
    Too bad….

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