We celiacs are always looking for the best kinds of bread ever right?  Lucky for us, so many companies are experimenting with recipes to make eating more enjoyable for people who are gluten-free.  French Meadow Bakery is one of those companies.  It’s also enjoyable to talk about a Minnesota company every once and a while.

French Meadow Bakery's White Sandwich Bread

French Meadow Bakery's White Sandwich Bread

French Meadow has done a great job of working on its share of the gluten-free market.  Super Target had been selling gluten-free French Meadow’s brownies (yum) and the chocolate chip cookies (convenient) for a while.  Although I’d seen them deeply discounted and I was worried about their future at the mainstream store.  Regardless, we end up getting the brownies whenever we see them.  But I digress…

Recently the company turned out a few kinds of breads that the Linden Hills Co-op is now carrying.  I tried the multi-grain and the sandwich bread.  I thought both were very tasty.  The sandwich bread was spongy and good when warmed up with butter.

The Multi-grain was not quite for my daughter, but I thought it had a good sweet taste (I don’t like soury or a majorly strong grain flavor) and descent texture.

Overall my feeling is that it was as good alternative to some of the other gluten-free breads on the market.  However, I wasn’t too impressed with the size of the loaf.  It seems small (although it is 15 oz.). When I brought Udi’s bread recently, even though it is only 12 oz, the loaf  looked physically bigger.

While I thought the price for the French Meadow bread was steep for such a small loaf (label says one slice per serving and the loaf has 8 servings), in reality it appears to be about average when you look at cost per ounce.  Using prices on company websites, I priced out two other somewhat comparable loaves of bread along with French Meadow:

Udi’s Multigrain 12 ounces at approximately $5.00: 41 cents/ounce

French Meadow Multigrain 15 ounces at approximately $5.00: 33 cents/ounce

Kinnikinnick Brown Bread 20 ounces for $5.70: 28 cents/ounce

If your search seems never-ending for a good gluten-free bread and you haven’t tried French Meadow yet, it’s worth a shot, even though the loaf is somewhat petite.

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  1. They also have great pizza crusts. We recently made a trip to Maple Grove and had gf pizza at Bostons Pizza. We really enjoyed it. Both my girls, ages 11 and 9, gave the pizza a thumbs up!

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