Never in my life would I have uttered the words sweet potato and brownies in the same sentence let alone in the same baking mix!  But that’s the case with Mixes from the Heartland’s gluten-free hidden gem: “Sweet Potato Brownie Mix”.

Sweet Potato Brownie Mix

Sweet Potato Brownie Mix

The mix was sent to me by the owner of Jewel’s Specialty Food Market in Brainerd, Minnesota.  Amy Hansmann brought them into her store and knew I had to try them. The mix only took two eggs and a half cup of melted butter so it literally only took me 3 minutes to mix up and get in the pan.

What was our dinnertime conversation about? “How do you expect me to eat a brownie that I already know has sweet potatoes in it?”  Emma, my picky gluten-free eater couldn’t get past the idea that sweet potatoes were a major ingredient.  We had several answers back for her…

You eat brownies that likely have tapioca in it, would you eat tapioca?

Your favorite cookies have potato in it, you eat those…

Or the answer in my case…

One should presume a brownie never tastes bad unless proven otherwise!

Amy did warn me in her note that the Sweet Potato Brownie really is more like a “Blondie”.  So when I mixed it up it looked more like the cross between a spice cake and a blondie mix.  I popped it in the oven.  It was done by the time dinner was over.

All Baked!  Sweet Potato Brownies

All Baked! Sweet Potato Brownies

Then it was test time — I, of course, was the first.  Yum!  It reminded me a tiny bit of a pumpkin bar, but not quite as spicy.  Gracie my 7-year-old gobbled hers up saying “This is SOOOOO good!” My husband thought it wasn’t too bad, but a little grainy.  He and I both agreed a cream cheese frosting on top might be very tasty.

Then it went to Emma. What would my picky eater think??  “It was pretty good,” she said.  And ended up eating the whole thing (and then she ate another about 10 minutes later).

So the verdict?  You should try this mix.  It is a perfect “spicy” bar for the season. And really it’s not too spicy, but has that spice “feel” to it.  Amy says it retails for about $5.99 for the mix.  Enjoy!

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