H1N1, Celiac, and Tamiflu…Part 3

by | G+ Amy Leger

We are now two full days into the TamiFlu and I am happy to say Emma is definitely on the mend.

She’s had no major side effects from the TamiFlu and now she’s not even taking Motrin for a fever.  She’s doing really well.

For now, life’s going to return back to normal.  We have 2 1/2 days left of taking TamiFlu.  But after all the concerns I had about her taking it a few days ago, they are now gone.  I would recommend it to someone who has celiac disease who needs it for the any flu virus.  Just make sure you take it with food — to ease the tummy pain.

Again in this case, the doctor told us Emma likely had the H1N1 virus, but no official test was done and no one else in the house has gotten it so far. I’m not entirely convinced. It could have been a really bad virus though or another type of flu bug.  It’s really hard to tell.  If Emma had just a regular run-of-the-mill virus, we could still be in for H1N1.  But then again, maybe not. It’s too crazy to sit an analyze.

I guess I’m just not going to worry about it and just do the best I can at keeping my family healthy, with basics like hand washing and germ killing, plus exercise.   Good luck to you during this H1N1 season.

Note: There are two other posts that go with this one.  You can read Part 1 and Part 2 by going to their appropriate links.

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