H1N1, Celiac and Tamiflu…Part 2

by | G+ Amy Leger

24 hours, 3 doses of TamiFlu, several doses of Motrin, many hours of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon…and how’s my daughter doing? About the same – with hints of improvement.  Am I sold that this illness is H1N1? I’m still on the fence about that one too.

But here we are still going through the motions.  Emma will be out from her third day of school tomorrow and she’s got a fever that is only brought down with Motrin.  Her nose seemed to become stuffier than the day before.  She didn’t complain about headaches as much today either. No major coughing either.

TamiFlu Testing the Tummy

One of my biggest concerns last night was the trouble with “neuropsychiatric” issues.  Well none of that appears to be happening here.  However, the medicine is testing Emma’s tummy quite a bit.  As reported in Part 1, Emma threw up just about an hour after taking her first dose.  But again, that could be because of a decision to have a piece of candy.

The dose at breakfast this morning went great. Emma ate rice for breakfast and then took her dose.  No problems.  The dose at dinner seemed a little more difficult.  She took it with eggs.  But about 45 minutes into it, she said her tummy wasn’t feeling well.  At that same time she was due for Motrin.  So I gave her some to get her fever back down.  I was quietly hoping the medicine wasn’t going to come right back up.  Luckily it didn’t.  Her temp came down, tummy settled down too.  Right now, she’s sleeping — hopefully for the night.

I am hoping she’s on the mend.  We’ll see.

I’ll report back tomorrow.

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