Newly Gluten-Free and Lost in Target

by | G+ Amy Leger

I have to tell you this  story that may bring back memories for most of us after we all found out we needed to go gluten-free.  I was rushing into my local SuperTarget — on my list:  two boxes of Post Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles, regular cookies for a meeting I was hosting that night and Mountain Dew for my hubby.  Quick — in and out!

As I was in my cruise-control mode I happen upon an endcap along one of the aisles — and there in all its glory was a gluten-free section of foods I’d NEVER seen at Target before (let alone $.98 for a box of Annies GF Mac and Cheese! WOW).  But I digress.  Another gal was looking at the section while I grabbed four boxes of Annies….

She asked if the Annies Mac and Cheese was good, and explained her daughter was just diagnosed as being gluten intolerant.  Even with the limited choices (pasta and cookies) on the endcap, the shopper didn’t really know what to purchase and seemed overwhelmed.  Does that bring back any memories?  For me it was “lost in Cub Foods” and later “Lost at the Wedge Co-op”.  These are places with so much stuff — but so little at the same time and you don’t know where to begin especially when you just want to help your kid…

  • Feel better
  • Want to eat
  • Not feel left out

Although I was very crunched on time, I explained to her that the Annies were not bad, but the Tinkyada noodles they had on the shelf were the best option for pasta. She explained she just didn’t know what to get that her daughter would eat.  So I also told her about Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles (brand name only — no knockoffs) would be okay.  If I would have had a ton more time, I’m sure I would have remembered Chex, Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes, Envirokids cereal and the awesome French Meadow Bakery gluten free brownies in the freezer section (none of which were on this endcap, again supporting my frustration of grocery store placement of gf items).

She was grateful for our brief conversation and I told her about our local parents support group and my blog. I hope she remembered it all …which reminds me to put on my next list…. business cards….

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3 Responses to “Newly Gluten-Free and Lost in Target”

  1. Don’t forget Twitter and Facebook too Amy. Put all that on your card too! You have helped me so much! I agree with the GF placement in stores. When it is all mixed in, you miss so much! Even an organic/green section is better than all over the store – it is in a section!

  2. It is overwelming trying to figure it all out in the beginning. I rememer those days and back then (8 years ago) we didn’t have as many choices as we do now.

    I also agree with you as far as pasta. We’ve been using Tinkyada brown rice pasta since we were first diagnosed. Tinkyada is the closest to a wheat pasta. A good trick with it is to rinse it well after cooking so it’s not so starchy.


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