Now that we’ve turned a corner and our children have started school, I’m turning my attention toward fall and — dare I say — thinking a little about Thanksgiving. Anyone else? I’m hoping you are because I could use your help. I’m seeking a second gluten-free stuffing/dressing recipe.

Right now we have a current wild rice stuffing recipe that tastes fantastic, but it is very labor intensive. I am thinking there must be someone out there who has a relatively simple, yummy, gluten-free, Stove-Top-Stuffing-Style recipe.

I am issuing a challenge. If you’re willing to divulge your gluten-free stuffing recipe, I would love to try it – the winner gets a gluten-free freebie from the Linden Hills Co-op. I will publish the winning recipe on and I want to use the recipe in a class I am teaching in October, called “Gluten-Free for the Holidays”. While I won’t be cooking, I will be talking about some of the challenges that come with being gluten-free during those holidays that center so much around food. I will also be giving out a handful of recipes. But I haven’t seen (or tried) a great gluten-free stuffing that has bread in it (hence the contest), which I think is what many people really think of when they want stuffing at Thanksgiving or another big family meal.

Here’s how we can do it, email me your recipe to amy {at} thesavvyceliac(.)com. The deadline is September 25th.  If I receive a lot of recipes, I will cook and taste the ones that closest fit the kind of recipe I’m looking for.  If  only get a few, I’ll try making them all and then select the winner. The winner will receive a yet-to-be-determined gluten-free treat from the Linden Hills Co-op and he or she will get full credit for their recipe when it’s posted on my blog and when it’s handed out to my students at class (so if you have a blog, be sure to let me know what that url is so I can put them together! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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3 Responses to “Contest: Seeking a great gluten-free stuffing recipe”

  1. Pick any basic GF recipe and substitute rice or rice bread crumbs for it. Nice simple and dont have to worry about nuttin. 🙂

    If you have a Trader Joes nearby they have a nice rice bread available.

  2. oops sorry I meant any basic STUFFINg recipe.


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