Wet, Wild and Wonderful Celiac Camp

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Three and a half days of outdoors, activity, exercise and of course gluten-free food — and my daughter came home a proud celiac.  The kids even concocted a song for their disease that actually is quite catchy.  More on that in a moment.  But first, let me get you caught up on the week at Gluten-Free Fun Camp that was ideal for all the kids.  note: I’m hoping the order of things is correct, Emma seemed a little forgetful…”Was that the first day?  Did we eat that for lunch or dinner??”

Day One:  Drop off.  It is a day filled with anticipation — campers, both new and veterans, wondering what this year’s camp will bring.  After registration, the kids spent a lot of time getting settled and learning more about each other.  The first night’s meal was sesame chicken and noodles.  It was one of Emma’s favorite meals. She raved about it as soon as I picked her up from camp.

Day Two:  Awake bright and early at 8:00 a.m. and ready for breakfast by 8:30 a.m.  Breakfast has always been Emma’s favorite meal — and it continued to be with cereal and eggs.  Once breakfast was over then it was a day of arts and crafts and swimming.

Lunch was  burgers  (with the bun!!!) and dinner that evening was a pizza party!  Gourmet Parlor Pizza, a central-Minnesota shop specializing in a  new gluten-free line of pizzas, fed the 50 or so people at the camp.  Emma thought it was okay, but she’s not much of a pizza girl.  My brother really likes this pizza.

Day Three:  Back to breakfast where they ate cereal and pancakes. Afterward the kids did horseback riding, tie-dying of shirts, socks, pillow cases (whatever they chose to bring for the project), and kayaking. Emma admits the kayaking was her biggest surprise of the week.  Not only because she’d never done this before, but because she was nervous the boat would flip over. Even though she was nervous, she said she had fun at the same time.  She says she got really wet and it was very tiring. Later in the day they played Bonkers outside.  I don’t know much about this game, but I can tell you Emma’s legs were sore on Friday after dodging runners during it.

The next morning the kids had cereal and egg bake for breakfast, they packed up and we were there picking them up by 10:00 a.m.  There were a lot of hugs to their new friends before heading out.

Emma says she’s definitely going back next year “…for the food, activities and all my friends.”  Our other daughter will be able to go next year as well.  Even though she doesn’t have celiac disease, she’s ready to see what this camp is all about.

One of the greatest things Emma told me about from camp was the song her fellow celiac buddies made up to the tune of We Will Rock You by Queen:

We will, we will ROCK on! We will, we will ROCK on!

Buddy we got celiac, we’ve got the pride

Nothing can stop us cause we’re alright

You got wheat on your face, big disgrace

We’re gonna throw up all over the place…

We will, we will ROCK on! — Gluten Free Fun Camp Campers 2009

They were able to create a song that poked a little bit of fun at themselves.  But it was also a song that created camaraderie and maybe even some confidence among the campers.  Great job!

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  1. Hi,

    My daughter has Celiac and went to the Celiac camp in Rhode Island these past two years, but it sounds like they might not have it again. Where did your daughter go to camp? I know it’s a year away, but I’d like to try to find somewhere for her to go, she had such a wonderful time.

    Thanks. If you’d rather email me, my email is mattcushing {at} gmail(.)com


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