The new Journal of Gluten Sensitivity

The new Journal of Gluten Sensitivity and the Scott-Free Newsletter have been around for much if not all of the last 9 years of Emma being diagnosed with celiac. For me it has been and continues to be a go-to for reliable, hands-on and relatable information. Now the Scott-Free Newsletter, a printed or online subscription-only celiac newsletter by founder Scott Adams, is expanding to become the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity.

But is the content going from something relatable to something — well — not?  Journals sometimes can get a little over the head — if you know what I mean.   I checked in with founder, Scott Adams.

The news release that came out this week explained why the Scott –Free Newsletter is now the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity:

“The idea behind the original title was that if you read and understood the information contained in the newsletter, you would be able to deal with a diagnosis of celiac disease and remain ‘Scott-Free,’ in other words, it would be no big deal. Since nearly three quarters of Journal of Gluten Sensitivity’s authors have PhD’s, and many of them have published at least one book on celiac disease or the gluten-free diet, will continue to meet this goal under the new ‘Journal of Gluten Sensitivity’ title—and now the new title more closely matches the publication’s content—so it will appeal to an even broader audience.”

I find it’s hard enough to decipher a scientific or medical journal, so my question for Adams was whether this new publication makes his celiac content out of reach for the regular celiac folk like me… “We are not a formal medical journal,” Adams says, “so the use of medical jargon is far less, and if you are already reading our articles that I publish on you should have no problem with Journal of Gluten Sensitivity.”

The journal is not free, so why would someone subscribe to it when there’s so much information on Adams says for indepth knowledge you will want the subscription. “On the Web site we cover many important topics, but typically devote only 2-3 paragraphs per topic. In the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity we cover a wide range of topics, and we do it in greater detail. Most of the articles in the Journal will never appear on our Web site, with the exception of one from each issue for potential subscribers to read…”

If you want a little taste of what the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity is all about, has a preview page.

The fee for the Scott-Free Newsletter stays in place at $29.95 for the paper publication, and $24.95 for the on-line publication. You can go to for more information.

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