I’m not sure if this is a dilemma or a blessing.  I’m getting a little confused at the grocery store these days. I wish my store would either put the gluten-free items together or stash them all in the appropriate aisles.  Honestly, Cub Foods, how would any newly gluten-free person be able to find all of your gluten-free items.  As your list grows (which is great) I get more lost trying to find the products (not so great).

Where can I find the gluten-free food?

I was surprised to find the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Mixes Thursday in the regular old baking aisle along with Duncan Hines and Pillsbury regular mixes (I’d been looking for them in the gluten-free food section because I don’t go down the baking supplies aisle so much any more); also Mary’s Gone Crackers –were near the Triscuits.

Yet the Glutino Pretzels aren’t by Old Dutch in the chip aisle, the gluten-free pasta isn’t next to the Creamettes,  and the gluten-free flours aren’t in a section next to the regular flour (but maybe we don’t want those together  anyway).  Instead, they’re in the gluten-free section of the store.  If I can’t keep up, how will a new celiac, whose mind is already spinning from information overload, be able to find everything?

Store decision or company-requested placement?

At Target there is no big natural food section — the specialty foods are in the appropriate aisle–with it’s gluten-filled relatives– but sectioned off.  When I go to Target…I know what to expect.  I used to know what to expect at Cub.  But now with some more mainstream products going gluten-free, their brands appear to be sticking with the mainstream aisles (Betty Crocker, Chex).  Is it a store decision or a deal with the company on placement?  Overall I really don’t mind one way or another I just would like to see one consistent plan for finding the products I need for my daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy about the fact that there are more and more gluten-free items out there and available to us!  I am happy my store is finally adding new products.

If they want to keep their confusing vision for the the gluten-free items, I suggest a little cross promotion in the aisles.  Possibly a small sign that says “If you’re looking for gluten-free…go here”.  Too much to ask?  I just know a little traffic direction would have helped me as I stood in that very same Cub 9 years ago crying as I held  Corn Pops (which are no longer gluten-free), Cheetos and eggs in my hands, worried about how I was going to feed my little girl.

Or I could just do Cobornsdelivers.com….Big gluten-free section, and I don’t have to step foot into a store.  hmmmmm.

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