We all know how frustrating it can be, buying expensive gluten-free cereals (half the size and twice the price of “regular” cereals) and then not liking them.  I am hoping this review of Erewhon cereals will help you decide whether they are something you want to try.

Erewhon has expanded its line of gluten free cereals to add Strawberry Crisp and Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice into the company’s selection which already includes Corn Flakes, Crispy Brown Rice, Twice Rice and Mixed Berries (with crispy rice).  It provides different products for different tastes.

The gluten-free cereals

First the new ones:

Strawberry CrispStrawberry Crisp:  I really liked the crispy flake in this cereal.  It’s label says lightly sweetened — that’s exactly what it is–sweetened with cane juice.  No need for sugar  on this cereal.  It also had good- sized  strawberries in this cereal.  Ida, our exchange student, tried this cereal before she left for home, and really liked it.

Cocoa Crispy Brown RiceCocoa Crispy Brown Rice: This cereal was also good.  A sweet cereal in a more natural way.  My non-celiac daughter liked this more than my Cocoa Pebbles-addicted celiac daughter, Emma  Emma is so used to what she’s eating, she can’t even fathom having something similar, yet different.  I thought they were a great and healthier alternative to Emma’s favorite…  I actually made some bars with them and the regular Crispy Brown Rice.  I just mixed about two-thirds Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice to 1/3 Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice. And prepare as you would any other “rice krispie” bars.  They were a hit and gone in a day.

Mixed Berries: This one was my least favorite.  I thought the berries were very small, in fact a fraction of the size of the strawberries in the Strawberry Crisp.  The crispy rice also seemed to get soggier faster, but that could have been my imagination.

Twice Rice: This one is a combination of crispy brown rice and puffed rice cereal.  It was okay.  I had tried  this one years ago when there was very little rice cereal out there.  I thought it tasted better this week thank it did years ago.  The puffed rice seemed slightly crispier than before.  Overall, not too bad, but not my first or second choice.


Breaded Chicken and Au Gratin Potatoes

Corn Flakes: We love these!  We have been buying them for years to use as a coating on chicken.  It really is great for this.  I also like the corn flakes with milk and a little half and half and a touch of sugar.  Yum.   I’ve been experimenting with my breading for chicken breast.  It’s very simple and you can make it easily.

Crispy Brown Rice: These were very crispy, but I thought they needed a litte sugar (but I put sugar on any similar “rice krispie” cereal).  These seemed to stay crispier in milk than the rice cereal in the Mixed Berries cereal, again — I’m not sure why.

Good luck in your journey to find the cereal that’s right for you!  I hope this helps.

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