Media picks up on Celiac Disease

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Emma talking to FOX 9 reporter Scott Wasserman

Emma talking to FOX 9 reporter Scott Wasserman

Finally some attention! Celiac disease got major media attention on Wednesday with a big  report that came out from the Mayo Clinic.  I reported on it as did many other blogs and some local news organizations from Atlanta to San Francisco.  But later in the afternoon I got a call from FOX 9, our local FOX affiliate in the Twin Cities.  They wanted to see if I would be interested in talking with them for a story that evening.

They stopped by late in the afternoon and talked with both my celiac daughter, Emma, and I.  We talked through the gluten-free lifestyle, managing it and getting educated about it.  The reporter, Scott Wasserman,

Fox9 Story which aired 7/1/09

asked about a restaurant that caters to the gluten-free lifestyle and I recommended

Michello’s, a “mom and pop” shop that is near my house, which has great gluten-free pizza.  Michello’s was on board and also did a great interview and gave him fantastic access.  Take a peek at the video to the right, or see the FOX 9 report on FOX’s website.

KARE 11 did the story as well,  even leading their 10:00 p.m. newscast with it.  Boyd Huppert talked to an expert and a patient.  Great coverage on that station too!  The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported the story Wednesday morning when the news embargo (which keeps reporters from revealing the study’s results until a certain time) was lifted.

From the looks of things, the story was covered more heavily in Minnesota — most likely because the Mayo Clinic is based in Rochester, Minnesota.  I could not find the story on CNN or MSNBC (and they have anchors who have celiac disease). The New York Times published it late this morning.  At any rate, the study received a great amount of coverage and hopefully helped bring celiac disease to light for so many people who may not know about it!  Keep up the good work!

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