Emma Getting a Ride on the Surf Board

Emma Getting a Ride on the Surf Board

Today was the last day of school for my two daughters. That means, in my world, it’s now officially summer. It’s a time when we’re all very busy and not in our own kitchens very much.  So I thought I would give you some good tips for a quick snack when you’re gone – all day!

For us, a fabulous summer day includes an afternoon and early evening on our boat. We go swimming and wakeboarding – and I’m really good at just sitting comfortably in the sunshine with a drink in hand. While many other boaters like us can stop by the nearest bar and grill on the lake for a late lunch, in most cases, our family cannot do that*.

So here’s what we pack for a long day on the boat (or in the car, running errands, going from kid’s activity to kid’s activity – feel free to fill in the blank here).

Turkey “rolls”: We do either Hillshire Farms brand or Hormel Natural Choice meat

String Cheese: We do Crystal Farms


Watermelon: Cut in good bite size slices for easy eating

Pretzels & cheese: We do Glutino pretzels and Colby-Jack Cheese

Chips: Lay’s plain potato chips, Baked Cheetos and Tostitos Corn Chips are our favorites.

Depending on how long we plan to be out, the more food we bring. All this food requires is a cooler filled with ice and a few napkins.

I hope these ideas work for you. I foresee a good boating day in our future so a lot of these items are already on hand!

*Maynard’s on Lake Minnetonka now has a gluten-free menu

Reminder: As of this post the items listed here are gluten-free, please continue to check your labels to ensure a gluten-free product.

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