The long Memorial holiday weekend…the unofficial start to summer; it’s all about bonfires, fishing, camping, biking, hiking, boating, swimming, and of course the holiday barbecue. What would the holiday be without firing up the grill?

I just thought I would take a few minutes from my weekend…to get you pumped for grilling gluten-free. Lately one of the favorites in our house is pork chops with barbecue sauce on it. We do Sweet Baby Ray’s, but there are others out there. Of course you could do different versions of this – including ribs -YUM! However I’ve never mastered a good rib rub, or the whole process of that. I’d just rather do chops with BBQ sauce.

Another adventure I recently went on was when I made Juicy Lucys. If you don’t know what they are – I will proudly tell you they are a Minnesota original! At its core the description is hamburger with the cheese on the inside! They are very simple to make. I found a recipe online and I just modified it with gluten-free bread. The ones I made involved about a pound of hamburger a few slices of cheese, milk and gluten-free bread crumbs.

You work about a ¼ cup of milk and the bread into a pound of hamburger and start making patties. They should be very flat and maybe slightly bigger than what you’re used to. You’ll need two of these per burger. Once you make the patties, stick some cheese in the middle and squish the edges together. Make sure you do that well because otherwise the two patties will come apart. Then be sure to prick the burgers with a fork and cook them on the grill. They are juicier than what you might be used to, so when you cut into them for the first time, be careful they don’t squirt you!

Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis is the home of the Juicy Lucy.  A good Minneapolis gluten-free connection, Brendan from Madwoman Foods, talked up Matt’s Bar and how he gets gluten-free Juicy Lucys and french fries!  Check out an earlier post when I quoted him back in March.

Got any other ideas you want to share? Feel free to add them to the comments!  Otherwise I hope you’re excited for the last two days of your long holiday weekend.  Have fun and eat well!

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