Celiac Fundraiser a Huge Success

by | G+ Amy Leger
Windy but sunny day for the walk

Windy but sunny day for the walk

It’s over.  The 2009 Making Tracks for Celiacs event on Saturday was loads of fun and packed with information, food, and connection — oh and did I mention wind?

We had more than 1,200 people in attendance. That number is consistent with last year. So considering the fact that our winds yesterday nearly toppled canopies, was quite cloudy for the early part of the morning, and the temperature was in the 50s  this number was phenomenal!  The pictures tell the story — wild hair, and in some cases, winter hats!

Vendors were very busy during the entire event

Vendors were very busy during the entire event

But our hearts were warm and filled with passion for this cause!  We had nearly two dozen vendors (more than every before) who were a hit with the crowd, despite the chilly temperatures.  Some vendors were even busy up until the end of the event!    My daughter even tried some funky Mexican food from Qdoba Mexican Grill and LOVED it!  There were also freshly made pronto pups — deep fried on site — from Breeze Gluten Free!

Inside food fair was the busiest I've ever seen!

Inside food fair was the busiest I had ever seen

Inside, we had samples from dozens of companies, including cereals, chips, cookies, brownies, candy and crackers — and of course all gluten-free!  I heard someone describe it as the “State Fair for Celiacs!”  What a great thing to compare it to — considering it is Minnesota!

Clouds were a bummer for the first few hours while the committee was setting up, but around 9 a.m. (an hour before the walk and in the middle of our food fair) the clouds broke open and let some sun pour down on us!  Then there was the walk and run..beautiful rolling hills through Victoria, Minnesota.  Everybody seemed to have a great time.

In the end, we raised a one-day total of $43,000.  But a lot more comes in after the event.

Now we’ll get a little break…but come this fall, we’ll have another big event to plan for.  Stay tuned!

Let the 5K run begin!

Let the 5K run begin!

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  1. Congrats!
    I’m glad things went so well!

    Now rest!

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