As a full-time employee and graduate student, Julie Wilbert has her hands full.  She’s also one year into a celiac diagnosis — so what’s she doing about it?

Amy: talking and cooking

Amy: talking and cooking

Well besides eating gluten-free, she’s using her graduate student project to help educate others; eventually this will be a multi-media presentation which may help newly diagnosed celiacs for years to come.

Getting the Gluten-Free Scoop

Wilbert and I recently met so she could ask me a few questions about the upcoming Making Tracks for Celiacs event.  I explained to her how I got involved and why it’s one of the best events of the year for people with celiac disease.

Then, two days later she came to my house with a plan of videotaping interviews with the kids, cooking our evening meal and then us eating the meal.  Her husband came with a video camera to record it all.  Wilbert talked to the girls about having celiac and then watched me cook up a batch of chicken chow mein.

Ida & Emma Interviewed at Home

Ida & Emma Interviewed at Home

All while my husband was kind enough to take pictures for my blog.

Wilbert’s goal is to give a complete picture of celiac disease and who it affects.  Her hard work is expected to be displayed on a website, which she hopes will educate people about celiac disease.  Part of getting her complete picture includes finding additional people with celiac.   She already has several women and wants to expand her demographics for this project. I was wondering if my readers could help?

Seeking MN Celiacs

Julie Wilbert wants to speak with several people.  All of them must have celiac disease:

  • a man who was diagnosed late in life.  Ideally he is in his 70s or older and was diagnosed in the last ten years.
  • a male college student
  • a person of Latino or Somali descent
  • someone who has celiac, but has trouble affording the food — of low socio-economic status.

One catch, you must live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  Wilbert knows this is a long-shot, but I told her I’d put a quick call out on my blog and we will see what happens.  If you can help, email me at amy {at} thesavvyceliac(.)com.  I will pass along your information.  This may be an opportunity you’ve been waiting for to help other celiacs.

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