Short and sweet.  I’ve got a lot on my plate now that it’s two weeks from the Making Tracks for Celiacs fundraiser in the Twin Cities.  And it’s not that I just have a lot on my plate — I have a TON in my house!

Boxes piled up in my foyer

Boxes piled up in my foyer -- cat not included

Bless all of the gluten-free companies! Despite the economy, they’ve really come through — donating thousands of dollars in food and products.  So much so, I have a foyer filled with boxes.  While my husband is complaining about them a little,  I am not.  They are the direct result of the fruits of my labor and the success of our event in years past.

More boxes in the office

More boxes in the office

The good news is the really big items — like the pallets of food that are coming from some companies are going directly to the school for storage!  Thankfully!

I just wanted to share with you all how thankful I am to all of these companies (too many to list here) who are coming through with donations during difficult times.  All so we can have a great event!  Thanks!

Just a reminder if you want to take part, Making Tracks for Celiacs is on May 16th in Victoria, MN. For more inforamation go to

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  1. I would LOVE to donate some of our GF products! Are you still taking donations?

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