We bloggers have to stick together.  In fact, Wendy at Celiacs in the House tagged me and asked me to reveal 7 Things You May Not Know about Me and then ask others to do the same… So here goes.

7 Things You May Not Know about Me

1. I once almost jumped the counter at McDonalds once when workers screwed up my newly diagnosed, 16-month-old daughter’s gluten-free hamburger and put a bun on it.  Then in their “fixing” of the problem; I watched as the person just took the patty off the bun and stuck it back in the box. Still angers me to this day 8 years later.

2. Still about once or twice a year I grieve over Emma’s celiac disease. It happens when I least expect it – then suddenly “woe is me!” I’m usually over it in a day.

3. I am a horrible texter. Takes me forever!

4. My favorite place to be in the whole world is with my husband, hanging out on a beach listening to the waves crashing.

5. One of the best moments for me was finishing the IronGirl Duathlon in Bloomington, Minnesota.

6. I have sung in Carnegie Hall.

7. My favorite quote is from my husband last year after I was complaining my legs ached after a run and I felt unmotivated. He said “Take two ibuprofen, get off your lazy butt and go change the world.”   The quote is something that keeps ringing in my head — all I can say is I’m doing the best I can.

I am tagging the Gluten Free OptimistMom Cooks Gluten Free, Daily Delights, Mrs. Gluten Free to do this list and send it on to others.  I know it should be seven…my apologies that it is not.  Just call me a rebel.  These ladies are all in the Celiac Awareness group on TwitterMoms!


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