A Conversation about Celiac Disease

by | G+ Amy Leger

I had my first adventure into radio-land Monday.  I had  the opportunity to go on to the Kevyn Burger Show on FM 107.  It was a fantastic experience — getting celiac awareness out there.

We ended up talking about all kinds of different subjects:  kids and cell phones, running… but we began and ended with celiac disease.

I explained in the beginning of the show what celiac disease is, how many people are affected by it — just explaining your basic details about this disease we all know — and in most cases — learn to embrace.  I explained why  I decided to do the blog — that is a cause I am passionate about.  And writing about it is a cathartic experience for me.  By the end, it dawned on me we hadn’t talked about the upcoming Making Tracks for Celiacs event in Victoria, Minnesota on May 16th.  So I had about 30 seconds to plug that.  And then we wrapped up the conversation for the day.

I did do something that was pretty dumb in the blogging department — I meant to take pictures!  I had my camera with me and I had every intention of snapping a few pictures so I could put them up with this post.  But alas, I forgot.  You’ll have to just listen to the program and put a mental image in your brain about how it went in the studio.

If you’re interested in listening you can check it out at FM 107.

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