Bread overflows in machine

Bread overflows in machine

What gives?  In my 8 1/2 years of baking gluten-free bread in a bread machine, I thought I had seen it all!  Sunken bread, brick-like bread, etc… But it turns out I hadn’t.  Sunday night was a first.  The dough in my extremely new Cuisinart overflowed on me.

It was about 45 minutes to an hour into the cycle, when my husband asked what smelled like burning toast?  I went down and knew it had to be the bread maker. Then I peered inside.  Total overflow of the contents — leading to a stench in the house (and quite likely in the bread).  I immediately stopped the loaf.  I knew my kids wouldn’t eat it if it tasted like burned toast.

I added the contents necessary for Bette Hagman’s basic white bread recipe just as I have since my kid was a baby!  What twist could I possibly have put on this that would make it overflow?  I’m looking for any and all recommendations.

This may or may not have happened exactly to you..but needless to say I’m sure you’ve had your own gluten-free baking mistakes, challenges or maybe even failures.  Feel free to comment below and tell everyone about yours and whether there was a solution.  We could all probably learn from it!

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