More tidbits from the land of all things gluten-free: additional restaurant for gluten-free fries, treats at Tobies and another product taste-test!

New French Fry Suggestion:

Last week I talked about what places had gluten-free french fries. I wanted to make sure my readers saw a french fry addition which was placed in the comments.

Brendan from Madwoman Foods said:

“I find Matt’s Bar at 35th and Cedar [in Minneapolis] has the best gluten-free fries. The way I know they are gluten-free is nothing else goes in the fryer but fries and I have never had a reaction to them. I am extremely sensitive. I also love their Juicy Lucy with no bun. Again, when they put any bread for a grilled sandwich on the grill, they put it in a special area. So, the Juicy Lucy is not contaminated.”

Madwoman Foods is a great place to get a gluten-free treat as well if you live in the Twin Cities or are visiting the Twin Cities area, you should check out their store front location. Otherwise be sure to visit them online.

Tobies Treats:

Taking a drive-by picture of Tobies

Taking a drive-by picture of Tobies

If you have ever headed “up North” in Minnesota, you may have passed by Tobies. It was once a small bakery/cafĂ© in Hinckley that has grown with its reputation-mainly because of the caramel rolls. I just recently stopped there and they’ve added to their gluten-free collection.

Tobies is buying EnerG and Grandma Ferdon’s products and displaying them on their own shelf in the bakery area. The treats included EnerG Pound Cake, Cinnamon Rice Crackers, Pizza Crusts, Grandma Ferdon’s items too including a baking mix. I bought the Cinnamon Rice Crackers because I think they’re hard to find. Emma loves them!

The only thing I would suggest is they sell a few more gluten-free versions of the treats they have on hand. Like a sweet roll. I would totally go there with my family, get some microwaved scrambled eggs for Emma and buy a “treat” to go along with her breakfast – as others dined on a caramel roll. The current additions make Tobies several steps closer to a place where our family can actually eat!

New Gluten-Free Taste Test

Yes as you’ve seen here you can expect the Flackers review and giveaway in the coming days. But also watch for a review on Caesar’s Frozen Pasta Meals. Again the products are donated from the Linden Hills Co-op. There will be no giveaway with this product because of the “frozen” part. Shipping would be difficult and potentially very expensive. But keep an eye out for the review…the product could be tasty!

Celiac Disease Fundraiser

So you’ve heard about Making Tracks for Celiacs fundraiser that I’m helping organize in the Twin Cities area. But did you know there are several others across the country? Check out for information on locations and dates across the US this spring!

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