Gluten-free Spring Break

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Spring break is coming around again already, so I thought I would throw out a few ideas for you on some places that are pretty celiac-friendly, along with some other quick vacation preparation tips including a great deal on a gluten-free dining guide going on now!

Gluten-Free Friendly Destinations:

New York was listed as the most gluten-free friendly destination on for 2008. It is expensive to stay there, but may be perfect if you’re looking for a real adult, night-on-the-town kind of vacation.

Disney of course is always a great location because of their assistance with gluten-free menus. When we went there, my travel agent recommended planning your meal locations ahead of time. She made reservations for us and noted “gluten-free” so the establishment knew what to expect.

Mexico. I did some digging looking for some great experiences in Mexico. I didn’t find any resounding excitement for any particular locations. However, I would recommend working with a travel agent, and look for an all-inclusive that can fit your needs before you put money down. As always, bring snacks! One person on the forum said,

“When my husband and I took our kids to Mexico a couple of years ago, we took a Rubbermaid tub full of foodstuffs for my son and husband. The foods were sealed in their packages (required) with labeling. We had a lot left over, and left it there, but I felt better knowing that I had enough. We brought gluten-free pastas, our own corn chips (previous trip taught us that corn chips often CC with wheat flour tortillas, Mexican deep-fried dishes). We found wonderful soft corn tortillas in Mexico, but asked first whether contained any wheat flour in them. Fresh seafood if you eat [it is a] good option.”

Just remember don’t drink the water out of the tap. We don’t want you confusing a Montezuma’s Revenge with a gluten reaction. Highly “touristy” cities in Mexico have purified ice and water at the ready these days.  Last year, I asked one manager at a restaurant in Cozumel about how they clean their lettuce (which is something I had been staying away from). He said only purified water and added “…do you think we want you to get sick from our food?” Alright then. Question answered.

A few years ago Living Without writer Jax Peters Lowell recommended calling weeks or months ahead if you’re planning a cruise to ensure you have gluten-free food choices. She also recommended booking a spa vacation:

“Spas are always amenable to special diets. Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, bakes fresh gluten-free bread and muffins daily. Rancho La Puerta’s executive chef, Bill Wavrin, is cheerfully accommodating and with notice will prepare a gluten-free backpack for the day hike up Mount Kuchima.”

Good Deals:

On Twitter right now, Triumph Dining is offering an incredible discount on their dining guide! If you Twitter go to Triumphdining and learn more, but the deadline for the deal is Thursday night! Here is the exact quote from their tweet:

“GF Tweeps: Have our Restaurant Guide for only $4.95 [Ends tomorrow night. Please RT!] #glutenfree #gfree”.

Since this post was done today (Wednesday, March 4th) the deal expires less than 24 from now. So take action right away.

If you’re new to Twitter, it is free to join and there are many gluten-free “Twitterers” or “Tweeps”. I blogged about the topic and offered some hints last January. But if you choose to join because of this deal, just make sure you search for Triumphdining (one word) and you’ll find their page.

This restaurant guide can help you navigate restaurants across the United States. Since the guide is regularly priced at $26.95, this is a $22 savings! Good luck and have a safe gluten-free spring break!

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