Gluten-Free Ski Trip

by | G+ Amy Leger

I just returned from a long weekend in Marquette, Michigan (Upper Peninsula) and one thing we did was go downhill skiing.  I’m not a huge skier, but the rest of my family is, so I went along for the ride. Over the years I have found one of the best ways to save money on ski trips is to BYOF– bring your own food!  And if you eat gluten-free,  bring a cooler and really BYOF!

I find that restaurants at many ski lodges are not very celiac-friendly. The possibility of cross-contamination is big.  Which is why I recommend bringing food in.   But bring what?   It is easy to pack a sandwich, but my daughter will not eat them.  So you may need to be creative.  Often, we do turkey rolls (deli meat rolled up for some straight protein).  But this weekend Emma said she was sick of that so my back up plan:  cut up cheese and Glutino Pretzels, carrots, bread (warmed in microwave).  We also had on hand other snack foods:  apples, oranges, string cheese and chips.

If you want to go on a ski vacation to a place that might be a little more gluten-free friendly you may want to look into Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia.  A few years ago, Gluten-Free Living magazine reported Whistler Blackcomb has gluten-free hamburger buns at some of their restaurants.  It may be worth checking out.

So if your spring break includes a trip to the slopes consider these tips so the family can concentrate on the important things like having fun, laughing — and staying upright!

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