Oh the bread machine dilemma. When you last heard about three weeks ago, my “ancient” bread machine died. It was a machine that saw me through years of gluten-free bread experimenting and baking. Now I have my replacement something that’s really fitting right in.

The New Bread Machine!

The New Bread Machine!

Since my birthday was in January, my mom actually got the new bread machine as my birthday present. She bought me the Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker “Model CBK-200”. She picked out that one, in part, because that’s what she has, and she’s very happy with it (my sister-in-law likes hers too!).

What’s really nice about it is that it has a gluten-free setting. I learned from “profoundlysad” and “mocajanelle” in their comments to my first post that the gluten-free setting punches down the dough only once, which is all that’s needed for gluten-free bread. They both have the Cuisinart with the gluten-free setting and said they liked it. And then my mom gave it to me as a gift.

Great Gluten-Free Setting!

Great Gluten-Free Setting!

I have used it twice so far without a hitch. The bread turned out fine, plusĀ  the directions and the actual programming of the machine were so easy to follow. I didn’t feel like I was programming a jet airplane or anything! Four buttons you need to push: first to get the machine on the gluten-free setting, then to set the loaf size, then to set the crust “doneness” – light, medium, dark. And then start.

Simple as that. It has other options like being able to mix in different ingredients, like fruit or nuts, as well. I would be surprised if I ever did that in my house, but it’s nice to have the option.

So I love this bread machine, plus it’s lighter when I carry it away for storage. If you need one, I recommend the Cuisinart!

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