So I’m pretty pumped – There are a few new and progressive things going on in the celiac community in Minnesota — and right here on this blog that I want to tell you about!  Announcements about gluten-free pizza/pasta, groceries and a new product review and giveaway are all right here in this post.

Gluten-Free Pizza and Pasta

I went to an area support group meeting Saturday and they were a wealth of information. Michelo’s in Blaine, Minnesota (near the SuperTarget at 109th) now has a gluten-free menu with pizza and pasta-including lasagna (Redbridge beer and chocolate cake!).  The restaurant just recommends you call ahead, so they can warm up the oven they save just for gluten free foods!  Here’s the number:  763-780-9830.  The northern part of the Twin Cities always appears to be the last to get anything like this. So I’m very excited!

Gluten-Free Grocery Delivery

Also, Coborn’s Delivers (which took over grocery delivery service from Simon Delivers in the Twin Cities) wants to beef up its gluten-free selection. I haven’t used them– yet — but others say their foods in general are less expensive that “Simon Delivers” and there is more selection.  And if you get bad produce or the order is missing something you’ve requested then the company will credit your account.   A representative was at yesterday’s meeting and took a “data dump” of good gluten-free products from us. We gave him ideas of what products they should get in as well as some they should just avoid all together. So be watching for the expansion of that!

New Product Giveaway

Oh and early next month we’ll have my second product review and giveaway.  I’m reviewing Flackers!  You can find them at the Linden Hills Co-op (link always on the lower right hand side of my page).  Again, when you see the review you have until 11:59 pm that night to get registered on the site.  I will draw from a hat, or a bag or something the winner, but you have to be a registered user of to be eligible. If you’ve won before, you are not eligible for this drawing.

Donating to Celiac Research

Donating to the cause! Did you know you can donate to the Twin Cities area Making Tracks for Celiacs event online? If you can’t make it or if you have family outside of Minnesota, give them this and click on “celiac walk” – photo in upper right. Please give in any way you can. It’s easy and it’s for a fantastic cause! Money raised goes to the University of Maryland Baltimore’s Center for Celiac Research.

Watch for more little things as they come up — because they always do.

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