25 Random Things about Celiac Disease

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So you’ve likely seen the lists flying around Facebook: 25 Random Things about Me. Well I haven’t done it yet. But I thought I would incorporate this “Random” List into my blog. It’s a quick list– some things you may have never heard before.

25 Random Things about Celiac Disease

1. Affects 1 in 133 Americans** (approximately 3 million)- 97% are undiagnosed*
2. It takes an average of 4 years for a person with symptoms to get a celiac diagnosis*
3. Gluten is a protein most-commonly found in wheat, barley, rye and some oats
4. There is no medicinal cure for celiac disease; a gluten-free diet is the only cure.
5. Tons of money will be wasted trying gluten-free food you or the celiac in your family don’t like – but you’ll also probably find some foods you do like
6. Sometimes dental teeth cleaning/polishing paste has gluten in it!
7. Taking a hamburger patty off a regular bun does not “decontaminate” the meat of gluten
8. There is no answer to “How sensitive is she?” when it comes to gluten reactions. It’s all bad.
9. Approximately 36,600 women may never learn that celiac disease is the cause of their infertility*
10. You can be constipated and have diarrhea at the same time
11. Gluten-free baking takes a lot of trial and error
12. Rochester, MN School District has a gluten-free lunch menu that serves 20+ students each day
13. A toaster used for regular bread will contaminate gluten-free bread
14. Just because something is labeled “wheat-free” does not guarantee it is “gluten-free”
15. Celiacs must always have snacks with them, because gluten-free food can be hard to find
16. Oil that fries breaded items, will contaminate gluten-free foods fried in the same oil
17. Gluten-free foods cost at least 3 times more than its gluten-filled counterpart***
18. In Europe, the government subsidizes the cost of gluten-free food***
19. Gluten is toxic to a celiac’s gut, wiping out the villi or “fingers” in the small intestine which grabs nutrients from our food. Without the villi celiacs are malnourished
20. Osteoporosis, migraines, sinus issues, cancer, liver disease are all health problems that can happen because of undiagnosed celiac disease**
21. Eating gluten-free doesn’t have to be difficult. Basic diet: meat, potatoes, vegetables and fruit!
22. Tons of people “Tweet” about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet on Twitter
23. Most gluten-free baked goods must be frozen or they will go bad in 2-3 days on the counter
24. Going on a gluten-free diet before being tested for celiac diseasewill likely cause a negative outcome on either the blood test or the biopsy of the small intestine.
25. Most mainstream rice and corn cereals aren’t gluten-free because manufacturers add barley malt to them

*Source: University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center Fact Sheet

**Source: University of Maryland Baltimore’s Center for Celiac Research

***Source: University of Virginia Health System

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  1. Great list! These are 25 things that every non-celiac should know. I posted this on my blog and wrote something about each one.

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