Celiac-Friendly Restaurant Needs Help!

by | G+ Amy Leger

Just saw this online: the Pizza Fusion restaurant in Mesa, Arizona held a big event last weekend to raise money for a family who desperately needs it – but then burglars broke in and stole it that night.

$8,000 – gone.

The money was to go for medical expenses for a family who lost two sons in a drunk driving accident.
Per the Press Release on Pizza Fusion’s website:

“I can’t begin to explain the mixed emotions of anger, sympathy, and sadness I feel right now,” Jennifer Parks, managing partner of Mesa’s new Pizza Fusion and cousin to Tracy Smith, states. “Frank and Tracy’s spirits were lifted high by the outcry of support at our grand opening Saturday, only to have it taken away from them later that night. It’s heartbreaking. We’re asking the community to show their support, once again, in recouping this money as we aim to re-raise the $8,000 for supporting the Smiths’ medical expenses.”

The Smith parents are still recovering from medical injuries due to the accident. The father of the two boys, Frank Smith, must undergo eye surgery to attempt to save his vision, while the mother Tracy has a broken pelvic bone and other medical concerns yet to deal with.”

Pizza Fusion is a chain of restaurants that prides itself on organic, environmentally-friendly ingredients and practices. The company offers gluten-free pizzas as well as many other kinds of pizzas on their menu.

Check out Pizza Fusion’s website if you want to help “re-raise” that $8k. Let’s try to support a good business that’s helping people beyond the celiac community – in this case they’re helping a family in crisis.

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