So I’m not a big drinker of alcohol…but I would really like a treat once and a while.  My favorite used to be Smirnoff Ice.  But that’s no longer an option.  And just because I’m gluten-free I don’t think my drinks should always have to be wine…right?

Are All Spirits Gluten-Free?

One of my favorite cocktails is a raspberry kamikaze (up in a martini glass, not on the rocks); which includes vodka, triple sec and raspberry liqueur. says “All distilled alcohols are gluten-free.”  So as long as it’s distilled, you should be safe;  are some confirmed options according to the Delphi Forums ongoing list: Absolut, Gordans, Popov, Relska, Smirnoff, Smirnoff Black, All Smirnoff Twist (not Smirnoff Ice), Tangueray vodka.

Also, just this week a relative newbie (started in 2005) to the vodka world, Cold River vodka was the only beverage to receive the “Highest Recommendation” rating for 2008 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. The magazine reported, “The super-premium, all-natural, gluten-free spirit also is the only vodka on the market which is made exclusively from Maine potatoes and water from an aquifer fed by Maine’s Cold River.” Cool.

Triple Sec has a gluten-free options:  Cointreau, Aristocrat to name a few.  I couldn’t find any facts that said all triple sec was okay for celiacs to drink.

But here’s my biggest hurdle…the Raspberry Liqueur.   St. George Aqua Perfecta Raspberry Liquor was on Clan Thompson’s gluten-free list about two years ago.  But I have been struggling to find much on it now.  I would have to confirm this before ordering my drink (and that’s if a bar actually has all of these gluten-free ingredients).  In fact, as always, you should double check the gluten-free status of your favorite alcohol, instead of relying on potentially dated posts – like this one will be someday.

There are many gluten-free beers coming out for people to try as well.  If you have any other questions about which alcohol is gluten-free, I found a few other resources:  gluten-free and the aforementioned, both of which are on my blogroll on the lower right side of the screen.

My goal is to get out and work on getting a raspberry “kami” during my gluten-free test.  I wonder if it will be difficult or not?  I’ll let you know!  Enjoy, be safe, and have fun.

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