Gluten-Free: a Hot Trend for ’09?

by | G+ Amy Leger

An internet trend site predicts the gluten-free diet as a hot trend for 2009. Really? I’m not quite sure how to respond to it. Better late than never?? The list is spelled out in alphabetical order and “Gluten Free (diet usually for those with wheat allergies or those with celiac disease)” is ranked at #32 somewhere between Amy Poehler and Prince William Wedding Watch.

With all this trendspotting, I wanted to chime in on what I think about having gluten-free diets on this trends list.

Why gluten-free should be considered a trend to watch in 2009.

Because it’s about darn time Americans pay some attention to the diet. Did I say that out loud? Well I mean it. If this so-called trend leads to more restaurants creating gluten-free menus or more people exploring celiac disease and subsequent diagnoses then that’s fantastic!

Because in a bad economy, these companies are doing very well! Last month I reported that gluten-free businesses are booming. According to the Nutrition Business Journal reported sales of gluten-free foods is the fastest growing US grocery category – increasing by more than 18% a year. You can credit celiac disease, autism, ADHD, and fad diets for the boom. Anytime one market booms when the rest is busting – that’s definitely a trend.

Why gluten-free shouldn’t be considered a trend in 2009.

Because your “trend” is our way of life. Will this just be celiac disease’s 15 minutes of fame? When the “trend” fades away, hundreds of thousands of Americans will continue to purchase their gluten-free foods and live their lives, but will anyone else care? Will it continue to be covered in the media or will it eventually be considered “So…2009”?

There is no specific reason given by as to why it chose to put the gluten-free diet on the list, rather only a broad reaction to the list by management: “’Our list points to the broader trends we’re seeing, showing the ways in which these shifts will manifest in our everyday lives,’ says Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT.” This quote was from the news release sent out by the company and published on

If I were to lean one way I would say I’m thankful it’s considered a trend. I hope if it really is a true trend for 2009 it brings the much-needed media attention to the diet and celiac disease.

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