Research: Gluten Sensitivity & Anemia


During my recent unscientific survey I conducted of the prevalent symptoms just before a celiac diagnosis, about three percent of respondents said they were anemic — or iron deficient. It was more common as a symptom among adults.

Now a new study just came out in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. Researchers explained why they looked into the relationship between Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy -GSE-(or celiac disease) and anemia:

While GSE was thought to be a rare disease in the past and was believed to be essentially a disease of Europeans, recent screening studies showed that GSE is one of the most frequent genetically based diseases occured worldwide. Iron deficiency anemia could be a sole manifestation of GSE, and it might result in the delayed diagnosis of GSE, resulting in complications.

The research ultimately found a gluten-free diet would help those with GSE-related anemia. The news release I found was still using highly-technical medical jargon, but please read it to learn additional information.

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