I have a significant gluten-free cooking and baking agenda over the next two days.I’ve been putting it off, although I will argue a lot of these things I think need to be made later, because I’m not sure how they will freeze.

I am having Christmas at our house this year.My brother’s family and my parents are coming down to open presents and eat a feast together on Christmas Day.That means getting my act together for desserts, snacks and the main course.Most of the items on the menu I have cooked before, but I have one new item of note.

Main dish:Lasagna.We’re not exactly having the typical Christmas ham at the house this year.I wanted something I could make the day before and then heat up.I think this should work alright.I know when we freeze it, my non-celiac husband talks about how much he liked it when it was fresh, but he says it’s always better the next day.I have added the recipe here.

Rolls. I am trying a new mix for this.You’ll see more on this product in an upcoming post in January.This is my first gluten-free experiment for the day.

Pumpkin Pie.I know it doesn’t really go with lasagna like it does turkey, but too bad.

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Pudding frosting.This is my husband’s favorite cake ever and my celiac daughter has never been able to try it.Now she will. It’s really about having or finding a gluten-free yellow cake, baking it, and then you poke holes into it and drizzle Jello instant pudding into and onto it.MMMM. Just make sure the pudding’s consistency is enough where it gels slightly, if you do it too soon it’s a milky mess.This is my other new experiment for the day.

And I’m feeling guilty about not having cookies around the house.They all got eaten a few weeks ago and I’m bare.So if I get the energy up for baking cookies, I’ll do that too.Check out the recipes I linked too.Good luck with all your gluten-free cooking and baking tasks over the next few days!

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