Last-Minute Gift Idea for Celiacs

by | G+ Amy Leger

If you are sitting there wondering what to get for the celiac in your life – you could find the holidays are a good excuse to go out and buy a bunch of new gluten-free products and try them out – but as a gift!

When my daughter was first diagnosed, I was shell-shocked by the cost of gluten-free food.What if I spent $10.00 on cookies, $5.00 on a gluten-free pizza, another $5.00 on two containers of soup, and she hated all of them – I was suddenly out $20.00!And lucky me, I got to start the trial-and-error process all over again.

I know I shouldn’t be worried about the cost as much as the importance of feeding my child and raising her to be happy and healthy; but back then (and even now) I would have been downright giddy over getting a gift basket filled with new gluten-free products for her.In fact I did get a door prize basket at our first big celiac meeting 5 months after Emma’s diagnosis.It was a moment that was meant to be.When I accepted the basket, I met the moms who started our local Raising Our Celiac Kids parenting group (which was probably only about 15-20 families strong back then) – but I digress.

My point is, receiving a nice gluten-free basket allows celiacs and their family members to try products they might not ordinarily buy – especially if they weren’t sure they would like it.In my case, the people I know with celiac don’t have many options in their hometown, so I went on a little buying spree and loaded up a bag.It’s actually being given to a couple.The man has celiac; the wife is the one who feels as though management of the diet is mostly on her.The idea of the gift – ease the burden on one person and let the other person chow down to his heart’s content.

Happy last-minute shopping and happy holidays!

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