Off the Gluten-Free List

by | G+ Amy Leger

Just moments after I put up today’s post: Companies Face a Gluten-Free Challenge: Label it or Not? Internet chatter began booming and emails went flying around within my parents group about some confirmed no-longer-gluten-free products. So I wanted to make sure I shared them with you according to Cecilia’s Marketplace product alerts.

This is directly from the website which asks people who have Cecilia’s Marketplace Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide to cross out certain items. This update was posted yesterday:

broth: page 44
Swanson – REMOVE: All Listed Swanson Broths (product alert added 12/09/08)

rice: page 267
Old El Paso – REMOVE: Cheesy Mexican Rice (product alert added 12/09/08)
Old El Paso – REMOVE: Spanish Rice (product alert added 12/09/08)

salsa: page 290
Pace – REMOVE: All Listed Pace Salsas (product alert added 12/09/08)

sauces: page 298
Prego – REMOVE: All Listed Prego Sauces (product alert added 12/09/08)

soup: page 334
Campbell’s – REMOVE: All Listed Campbell’s Soups (product alert added 12/09/08)

This is also a good bit of information to send to family and friends who might have these foods on standby for when you come over for dinner!

Good luck!

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