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Post a recipe, share a recipe, borrow a recipe – yes even gluten-free recipes – it’s all happening on the mainstream food site belonging to Land O’ Lakes.

The company website has an area called Simple Rewards Club, where the cooks in your family can go on line and share their recipes with others as well as borrow others’ family favorites. Or  the thing that’s new is the  specialty kitchen feature  – one is specifically for gluten-free cooks.

By either goingto the gluten-free kitchen or by just doing a simple search of gluten-free you will find more than 50 gluten-free recipes with simple-enough ingredients to make at home! Impressive – the Food Network site only had five when I checked last month. I found a corn bread recipe and a pancake recipe I would like to try. You may want to check it out, it could be something you’ll like.

Testing for celiac pharmaceutical treatment

Alvine Pharmaceuticals is now enrolling more people to be part of yet another phase of testing on the company’s treatment for celiac disease: a pill that essentially digests gluten. This phase will look more specifically at at its efficacy. “This study is designed to assess the ability of ALV003 to prevent gluten-induced mucosal injury caused by the gluten that could contaminate an attempted gluten-free diet, by evaluating changes in intestinal histology, serology and symptoms,” reported the news release that came out Tuesday. The way I read this quote – basically it appears to be studying whether it can prevent damage to your gut from cross contamination.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in the months to come.

Winner of the Vanilla-Almond Gluten-Free Snackaroon

And we have a winner for the Snackaroon drawing from last month. The user only known as qb2dkv7c is the winner!  I have sent this person an email requesting their address so I can mail them the cookies!

Next freebie is a great selection of Betty Crocker Gluten Free Products.  Watch for that soon and in the meantime become a registered user so you can be picked in our drawing!

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  1. As a pharmacist, I am so excited to read your article about Alvine Pharmaceuticals working on a new product for celiacs. It is nice to see pharmaceutical companies working on things like this, that could help so many people. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks! Amy


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